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Tarameg Golden’s share an amazing and loving spirit while each puppy has its own distinct personality. Unlike some breeders who may hand you a puppy and say “congratulations,” Janet will continue to be available should for questions or support throughout the puppy’s lifetime. -Indra, Proud Human Mom to 2 Taramegs


Leola, PA


Picture 1 is of Gus the day I brought him home. Picture 2 was taken last week. After 4 years he still fits his personality test. A loyal family member and loves to please you. He's smart, alert, and caring. He and I watched a severe rain/thunder storm from our deck window. After the rain subsided I went to go on the deck and he tried to block the door to prevent me from going out. I assured him it was ok. He moved but wouldn't take his eyes off of me. I love this guy.


Columbia, MD

shelby and betsy.jpg

My beloved seven year old lab died suddenly last January and I was heartbroken. Your family's goldens were the only dogs my trainer would even recommend. I am forever grateful for finding your wonderful pups and for bringing me my Shelby.


Springfield, VA

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 Just picked up our third Tarameg Golden from Janet and Joel. I know he will be as perfect as Sam and Charlie were.


Perkiomenville, PA


He is the love of my life. He filled the hole left in my heart from an 8 year old Golden that passed away while with us in the North Woods of Maine. We had to take him to a small town called Dexter, Maine to have him sent home to us. His name was Montana. I never thought I would love a dog like I did Montana…. I was so wrong. Dexter has passed every expectation I could have ever had. He is truly the best Golden we have ever had…and we have had a golden in our home since 1980. Dexter is truly a dream come true….a little naughty at times but that just makes me love him more.

Ginny and Dave

Indiana, PA

cuda Horn.jpg

Our Cuda is a Tarameg descendant and is an absolutely magical pup. He brings so much joy to everyone he meets!

Cara & Brian

Atlanta, GA


Dear Future Tarameg Owner- You’ve come to the right place. Our family is in Virginia and Emmie is our 3rd golden retriever. I had one growing up and fell in love with the breed for its kindness, loyalty and best love you could ever receive. When my husband and I met, we carried on the golden venture and had a beautiful girl named Summer. Summer saw our family through dating, marriage, moving, the birth of both of our kids and two open heart surgeries with our second child. She was their everything. When she passed away we were so devastated but knew it wouldn’t be possible to live long without another golden. But this time, we had different needs. Before, our other two goldens served as amazing companions. 

But this time, due to our second sons special needs, we really needed a very special pup. A pup that could potential serve and be there for our younger son in a greater capacity. TONS of research led us to Tarameg and with one phone call, we knew there was no where else we needed to go. It didn’t matter that they were several states away, these were the ones. Tarameg prides itself in knowing every single detail about their pups from before they are even born. They use only the best and most knowledgeable medical, service and therapy professionals and have had over 30 years of experience. We had TONS of questions and this time needed our two children involved. Tarameg was more than patient and 

understanding with all of this and were very flexible with the visitations while also putting our pup’s momma at first priority. Emmie turns a year old in a few days and she has completed our family and made our hearts whole again. People stop us all the time asking if she is a show dog! She has been doing incredible with her training but our favorite parts have been the beautiful memories that we have been making just in this past year. She has birthday parties, photos shoots, cake smashes, sprinklers and spoiled rotten by her two best buddies; two little boys named Mason and Finn. We are so grateful to Tarameg and look forward to sharing more memories and milestones over the years! And you will too. There’s no better golden than a Tarameg golden! Lots of GOLDEN LOVE- Emmie and the Blumenthal family xo

The Blumenthal Family

Richmond, VA

nugget & donna.jpg

The journey with Janet for a Tarameg puppy was one that we will never forget. From the email saying that the puppies had arrived, seeing pictures of the puppies grow, to visiting the puppies and wanting to take them all home, and making the big decision. We just love our Tarameg NUGGET.

Donna & Ralph

Mt. Airy, MD

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