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Welcome to Tarameg Golden Retrievers

Janet at Dewey Golden Retriever weekend

     At Tarameg Goldens, our goal is to raise puppies that are sound, healthy, versatile and most of all, that have that unique Tarameg temperament.  Our dogs share our historic farmhouse near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where they have plenty of room to exercise and explore. 

      We are selective about our buyers and committed to assuring that every dog that leaves our home is adopted into a responsible, loving family which shares our enthusiasm for the breed. While our puppies are typically very successful in the show ring, obedience, agility, therapy and assistance, our highest priority is to produce the perfect dog for your family. All of our puppies are temperament tested which helps us select the best puppy for the situation.  Our puppies are placed in homes at approximately ten weeks of age.  

      We take great pride in Janet’s association with several national assistance dog organizations. We have placed puppies with assistance dog programs throughout the US and Canada and take much joy from knowing that our puppies have contributed to the lives of children and adults. 

     Tarameg Goldens always have a home with us for their entire lives – if at any time during the life of the dog, an owner can no longer keep him or her, for whatever reason, the dog comes back to us. Likewise, our goldens are sold on an AKC Limited registration.      We have been breeding Goldens for over 30 years at Tarameg with the loving care and knowledge that results in a best friend and companion.

Janet & Joel at Devil's Den
Marsha & Janet
Joel & Hot Rod
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